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Need guild war tips

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by allan, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. allan

    allan Member

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    Feb 16, 2016
    Ok so I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas on pvp guild war like any tips tactics and so on
  2. Favoria

    Favoria New Member

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    Feb 16, 2016
    It depends on what type of spell you pair with your attack. And also it depends on who is in your party so they can back you up. You can also duel other players so that you can figure out what attack patterns work best for you.
  3. SaintChariz

    SaintChariz Member

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    Oct 12, 2016
    Favoria has the right idea. Every guild I've lead in various games had tons of PvP practice events. Most of the times we would just go to PvP areas and hang out killing our enemies or KOS's, and on the side we would challenge each other in 1v1, or up to 5v5.

    As for the actual war strategy and techniques. If your the Guild Lead or Officer+ you should have a decent knowledge of the capabilities and play styles of your members. Officers and above should get together and preset teams so that each team has the necessary skills and resources for their role.

    If your just a member though, I would recommend practicing 1v1 with every class or even small team fights with various class combinations. If you find yourself losing thats where you want to experiment and try to find and exploit any advantages you might have. Also ask your opponents for tips, and give tips or ideas you might have to a losing opponent. Doing this not only improved your individual PvP capabilities but gives you alot of insight on your teammates which builds confidence and trust.

    Other than that just listen to the commands of your guild officials and hopefully they got their war faces on lol
  4. Fioren

    Fioren Moderator Staff Member

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    Jun 22, 2016
    "you asked for it so read the whole"
    Never knew you posted this XD. Alright ur a BK so as for Bk skills make sure ur on all stun and silence skills, critical chance is important in pvp so ur better off with axe and stuff for critic boost (like I can talk XD). Instead of being the Hero and going rampage, try to stay behind a warrior cuz warriors got high def but low dps and BK got high dps but low def. Back up the warrior basically. use aoe skills as many times as possible (dont waste em). I love launching demon wrath with blood pool to get a bunch of HKs from enemies I dont even target XD. DO NOT stand alone, always have atleast 2 decent players beside you, cuz you know what happens when you stand alone, you'll get r....(you get the idea). Watch out for rangers and mages..take them out first. of you have a melee on your back and another ranged class is attacking you...use your super skill and get your @$$ out of the place (assuming you're up against decent players)Tell your Rangers to surround the battle area and attack from sides, and try to keep enemies off the rangers (if the ranger is a decent player). of course..these things won't happen all the time, you cant follow exactly what I tell you cuz the situations change.
    so practice, but I don't recommend dueling for practice because in dueling you and your enemy start the fight fairly, no one will interrupt. If you duel, you'll get to know your skills better, but it won't help you understand war situations. We're talking multiple enemies with no count down to start battle and the enemy will see you coming, AND if the enemy is a ranged class they'll start with a handicap. So your best shot is..obviously.*drum roll* BATTLEFIEEEEEEELD...*claps claps*. with your guild mates. best way to practice wars.

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