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How to deal damage

Discussion in 'Guides' started by William Carl Hughes, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. William Carl Hughes

    William Carl Hughes New Member

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    Oct 22, 2016
    How to deal damage

    (Base damage+\- random damage variation) * critical damage (if critical chance roll success) * global damage bonus * PVP strength modifier * elemental proficiency bonus

    Base damage: this is set for every individual skill based off of your physical Might and magical force. Ideally Mages, BKs and Warriors want the strong stat to be between 3.375 and 5.7725 x as much as the weak stat. Monks want to be as close to even as possible. Rangers probably are in the first group but they are the only ones that can't use Str/wis armor so the damage maybe different. I haven't tested. A few skills do add base damage.

    Warrior Shockbolt Inscription: 25% chance to do 50% as much as Seismic Shock

    Warrior Freezing Fling: 50% as much damage as other Inscriptions, but AOE.

    Warrior Purple/PVP Dual Sword: 5% chance to add bleed Damage

    BK Tidal Crush inscription 40% of base damage added as physical damage.

    BK Blunt Force Inscription 30% Physical added to attack.

    BK Corrode Inscription adds DoT after skill.

    BK viscious rampage inscription 30% physical base added.

    BK/Monk: Heritage Halberd/Glaive: 40% base damage to enemies near target.

    BK/Monk: Purple Halberd/Glaive: 20% base damage to enemies near target.

    BK/Monk: PVP Trident: 20% base damage to enemies near target.

    BK: halberd card 2.4-40% to enemies bear target.

    BK/Warrior: Heritage Claymore: 10% chance to launch a second standard attack.

    BK/Warrior: Purple Claymore: 5% chance to launch a second standard attack.

    Mage: Spare Ammo Inscription 30% chance to launch additional attack.

    Mage Encircling Shot: 50% reduction in damage, but AOE

    Ranger Toxic Trap Inscription: add poison for 5 seconds

    Monk Fire Breath Inscription: 30% of Dragon kick damage as fire damage.

    Random damage variation: all skills have a range of damage they can do. Something that does 500 damage as a base can vary up or down around 10%. So 500 becomes anything between 450 and 550. It's not 10% on every skill. The higher the total damage, the lower the percentage range is, but the more total numbers included.

    Critical Chance: can view it in your stats. This is the chance to multiply damage by critical damage.

    Dexterity: 2%

    Slayer Shoulderplates Card: up to 5%

    Nostice Stocking Card: up to 4%

    Legendary Lava Crystal Card: up to 5%

    Warrior Eternal Fury: up to 20%

    Mage Fireburst Skill: 5% crit chance increase to all for equipping skill.

    Mage Volcanic Eruption Inscription: 10% to fireburst.

    Ranger Critical Stance Inscription: 20% to all.

    Monk Criticsl Shield: 10%

    Monk Critical Aura Passive: 15% to self, 5% to others

    Critical damage: very straightforward. It's listed in your character stats. Tap on it to see what % that number translates to. You can have at most 201% damage from that number. After that, there are additional add ons you can get. These include

    Guild Skill eviscerating slash: up to 30% (PVE)

    Steel Shoulderplate Card: up to 5%

    Legendary Lava Crystal Card: up to 5%

    Mage glass Cannon passive skill: 40%

    Mage Lightning Arc: 20%

    Mage Eternal viscousness card: up to 20%

    Warrrior Vexed passive skill: 20%

    Ranger Empowered Inscription: 20% to all

    Global Damage Bonus: this is the big mystery to people. All of these bonuses add together and then are used as a multiplier. Your multiplier is 100% (no change) plus the percentage of bonuses you get. You can get bonuses from

    Trim Buff: 20%

    Double Edged: 20% (also 20% armor which isn't a big deal. It's armor, not physical reduction)

    Fluffy: .6-10%

    Warrior Skill Battle Howl: 20%

    Warrior Chatterbox Inscription: 20% to all

    Warrior Pugnacious Inscription: 30% to Furious Vengeance

    Warrior Targeted Attack: 25%, stacks up to 4 times, self only. 30% with maxxed maul card.

    Warrior Oath Blade Skill: used to 100%

    Warrior Choleric Inscription: up to 160% to Oath Blade.

    Warrior Weapon Master Passive: 10%

    BK inscription Dark Thump: 40% Dark Summoner

    BK Demon Wave: 50/80/90/100 per Blessing depending on inscription/ cards to self.

    BK Gluttonous Inscription: 40% to standard attack

    BK Exploding Ire Inscription: 40% to Demons Wrath

    BK Blood Boiled Passive: 0-20% skills, 0-36% standard attack.

    Mage Missile Flurry Skill: 50% against burning targets to self

    Mage Rocket Launcher: 100% against burning targets to missile flurry

    Mage Arcane Blade skill: 50% against burning targets to self.

    Mage Magic Strike Inscription: 100% damage buff to self against burning.

    Mage Bitter Cold Inscription: 50% to artic blast

    Mage Shock Value Inscription: 30% to lightning Arc

    Mage Arcane Overload Skill: 20% to all

    Mage Pluck Passive: 20% to all if closer than 8 meters.

    Ranger Wildfire Inscription: 30% to Triple strike

    Ranger Enchanted Arrows Inscription : 30% to Scattershot

    Ranger Sharpshooter Inscription : 30% to Sniper

    Ranger Poison Dart Skill : up to 42% to self

    Ranger Hypertoxic Inscription: up to 84% to poison dart

    Ranger Thin the Herd Passive: 15% against slowed target

    Ranger No Mercy Passive: up to 20%

    Ranger Impetus Passive: 15% against targets further than 15m away.

    Monk Earthquake Punch: 20% to primary target, and 20% to any bleeding targets

    Monk Aftershock Inscription: Earthquake punch does 60% to bleeding instead of 20%

    Monk Razor Sharp Inscription: 50% to bleed damage

    Monk Weaken Inscription: -10% to on target

    Monk Reinforce Inscription: 20% to all

    Monk Deaths Door Inscription: 50% to bleed damage

    Monk Knack of Attack Passive: up to 15%

    PVP strength modifier: you get a modifier based on PVP strength. Don't know the exact formula but obviously more is better.

    PVP bear pet: up to 256 PVP Str as badge

    Belle pet summon: up to 700 PVP Str

    Wolf Lord Terry: up to 5% to party

    Various battlefield titles can add up to 440

    Elemental proficiency bonus: Dragon card is better than fluffy in the long run. 1.25 x 1.08 is 1.35. That's the 10% fluffy would give under 25% and fluffy is better. 25% they are equal. Over 25% dragon is better.

    The following cards can go up to this number

    8% to all dragon

    10% divine treeman

    10% occult treant

    10% lightning water sprite

    10% ice guard drone

    10% fire Shambling mutant

    10% shadow orc mutant

    10% lightning bulette

    10% poison wolf

    10% shadow tiger

    10% fire north bay bandit

    10% poison kratan monk

    10% divine demons rage

    10% occult succumb

    The following pets can grant up to 7.5% at 31

    7.5% shadow Vengeance Dragon summon

    7.5% fire Warbringer Dragon summon

    7.5% poison Lifegiver Dragon summon

    7.5% occult Fate Dragon summon

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