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Amber order tower 'advanture'! ( AOA) guide for noobs

Discussion in 'Guides' started by RektU23, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. RektU23

    RektU23 New Member

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    Aug 25, 2017
    Hi guys.
    Latly i'doing this dungeon and is FULL OF NOOBS so i have decided to do this short and easy GUIDE for this EASY dungeon.
    1-STAGE) System Warden boss
    there are 2 groups of mobs , one on the right one on the left and in the middle there is the boss. FRIST OF ALL KILL the MOBS after once killed , focus on the BOSS. He have 2 skill :
    - MECHAQUAKE: Stun player who stay above conical red zone ( Stay out of the red zone )
    -ANNIHILATE : This cause a big explosion after 10 second,you must go inside a SHILD ( looks like a bubble) wich is relased in a random location near the boss. GO ON THE NEXT STAGE
    There are 3 MOBS in the middle of map and behind of them there is MOLDHEART ( BOSS ) . FRIST OF ALL you MUST kill the 3 mobs. After do this focus on the BOSS .
    She have 2 skill :
    -ROTWIND : she starts rotating with the sword and do lots of damage you must to stay out of the red zone.
    -PUTRID COMET : a random player
    is surrounded by a purple circle and get hit by a rain of coment the full team MUST to get inside the circle to cancel the damage. go on the next stage
    There are only the last boss no mobs.
    -GLOOM TRAP:Is a trap who hit 2 random player. When you are hit you have 5 second before it is activated then try to bring the trap far away from the center of the map because once activated rest permanetly on the floor and every time you walk in cause damage at you or your team mates and if the center of map is full of this trap is hard to walk .
    -TWILIGHT BEAM : He start to roteate whit
    "laser" try to do not get hit run away.

    Always have 1-2 palyer whit good DPS
    Always wait all your team mates
    Hope this can help someone
    iam from italy if I did some language mistake tell me .

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